We commit to building a diverse and equitable community where everyone is welcomed and valued. We also undergo mentorship training, which is crucial for (1) Recognizing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, (2) Maintaining Effective Communication, (3) Aligning Expectations and (4) Promoting Professional Development.

If you are excited about making discoveries about cancer and neuroscience, or innovating genomics/bioinformatics tools, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We’re looking for young talents at all levels to join our team. Below is a list of positions and application procedures.

Post-doctoral positions

We’re recruiting both experimental and computational postdoctoral fellows. The outstanding candidate will also be considered for a research assistant professor position.

  • For an experimental position, an ideal candidate should have obtained a Ph.D. degree in an experimental-biology-related field, and have experiences in molecular biology, biochemistry, cell culture, genomics, and other “wet lab” techniques. Experience in epigenetics or CRISPR genome editing is highly desirable.
  • For a computational position, an ideal candidate should have obtained a Ph.D. degree in the quantitative science field. Skills to program and analyze large-scale datasets or to develop algorithms and statistical methods to analyze data are required. Candidates with experience in epigenomics, single-cell genomics, or strong background in computation/statistics will be highly desirable.

We also welcome candidates with a non-computational Ph.D. but with strong interest and experience in computation and programming to apply.

Graduate students

We’re actively recruiting graduate students, especially for projects related to Bioinformatics and Genomics. Please contact me if you’re interested in a rotation, or would like to consider applying to graduate programs.

Research assistants

We’re actively recruiting research assistants to help generate or analyze exciting single-cell datasets.

Visiting students

Our lab is open to motivated undergraduate students who would like to do summer/winter internships or work on undergraduate thesis projects. If you’re interested please e-mail me.